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Degradation of the Creation is Not Loving God


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Honor the Sacred Gift


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Restoring Women to Cultural Memory


“One of the devastating weaknesses of university learning, of the store of knowledge and opinion that has been handed down through academic training, has been its almost total erasure of women’s experience and thought from the curriculum… What you can learn [in college] is how men have perceived and organized their experience, their history, their ideas of social relationships, good and evil, sickness and health, etc. When you read or hear about ‘great issues,’ ‘major texts,’ ‘the mainstream of Western thought,’ you are hearing about what men, above all white men, in their male subjectivity, have decided is important.”

— Adrienne Rich

The Suppressed Histories Archives:

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It All Matters

An excerpt from the book Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth read by Geneen Marie Haugen, who was speaking at an Earth Talk at Schumacher College. For more on the book, visit

Geneen Marie Haugen is a wilderness wanderer, writer, scholar and guide to the intertwined mysteries of nature and psyche. Her work has appeared recently in Parabola Journal; Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth; and Thomas Berry: Dreamer of the Earth. She is exploring the awakening of what she calls “planetary imagination,” and the possible emergence of a new mode of the human that she has called Homo imaginans.

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The Power of Story

Drew Dellinger, founder of Poets for Global Justice (, studied cosmology and ecological thought with Thomas Berry who coined the term New Story. Filmed at the New Story Summit: Inspiring Pathways for our Planetary Future, Drew shares his journey toward understanding the power of story as it relates to social justice, ecology, cosmology, education, and activism.

The new story is our new understanding of the universe and the unfolding of the planet Earth. Our new story is an amazing opportunity for the Western tradition to reconnect to the sense of interdependence and interconnectedness that the indigenous peoples have always maintained in their wisdom traditions. We need to build a movement that connects ecology, social justice, and cosmology, using the power of dream, the power of story, the power of art, and the power of action.


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Spiritual Work of the Feminine

A 19 min clip from the event series “The Sufi Path of Love & the Secrets of Mystical Oneness” with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

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Killing God

Rachel Carson

“And always in these Appalachian highlands there are reminders of those ancient seas that more than once lay over all this land . . . these whitened limestone rocks on which I am sitting . . . were formed under that Paleozoic ocean, of the myriad tiny skeletons of creatures that drifted in its waters. Now I lie back with half-closed eyes and try to realize that I am at the bottom of another ocean—an ocean of air on which the hawks are sailing.” — Rachel Carson, The Fracking of Rachel Carson, Orion Magazine

Rachel Carson’s Silence by Linda Lear, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson –

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Jesus Was a Feminist


Luke 10:38-42 King James Version (KJV)

Jesus Was A Feminist by Leonard Swidler

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