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Transformation Begins With Self and Extends Outwards


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Question Authority? Question EVERYTHING!


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How do you define yourself?

How do you define yourself? An inspiring lecture from the late Alan Watts.

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Intentional Life


Many of us go through our days awake, but following patterns and habits we’ve developed over the years. We are going through the motions, doing things at home, online, at work without much forethought. It’s like we are running on automatic.

Contrast this with the idea of an Intentional Life: everything you do is done with consciousness and awareness, fulfilling one of your core values (compassion, for example). Everything is done with a conscious intent.

It’s true that many things we do have some kind of intent — I’m washing the dishes because I don’t want a messy house or bugs in my kitchen; I’m driving to work because I need to make a living; I’m driving my kids to school because they need to learn. But after repeating these actions every day, the intent kind of fades into the background so that we are barely aware of them. We’ve figured out the intent long ago, and don’t need to think about them anymore.

What if that changed?

A simple practice of intentionality: before you do the next action online or at work, pause a moment, close your eyes, and mentally say your intention. Why are you doing this? Is it out of compassion for others, or yourself? Is it to make someone happier? To improve the world? Out of gratitude for the work and kindness of others?

And then, as you do the action, be mindful of your intention.

This is a small step, but in those few moments, you will be living an Intentional Life.

Every morning is a new day full of decisions and opportunity. You get to pick your attitude and your decisions. You don’t have to let the circumstances of your past negatively determine the pattern of your life in the future. You do have a choice in the matter. You do not need to be stuck in the same pattern of living that you have been for years… realize that every morning is a new opportunity.

Add Practical Steps.

  • Decide to live your life. Stop comparing yourself to others. You were not born to live their life. There is no sense wasting yours being jealous of theirs. Instead, you were born to live your life – determine today to be good at it. After all, you only get one shot.
  • Define a purpose. Identify what you want your life to communicate and contribute. Find a passion to live for that is bigger than yourself. Write it down. It will bring new meaning to your life. It will wake you from the slow death of only living for yourself.
  • Set goals. Goals move us and goals shape us. Set goals that are directly in line with your defined purpose. By their very nature, they will introduce intentionality into your life.
  • Stay focused. We live in a world of constant connectivity and distraction that is begging for our attention nearly every moment of the day. Learn to turn off the distraction and live your life instead. Turn off the tv and don’t read gossip magazines. Remove nonessential physical belongings that are robbing you of time and energy that could be better spent living intentionally.
  • Learn from others. Successful people are curious people. They possess the humility to learn from others. Identify people accomplishing your purpose and goals. Then, study them and learn from them.



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It All Matters

An excerpt from the book Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth read by Geneen Marie Haugen, who was speaking at an Earth Talk at Schumacher College. For more on the book, visit

Geneen Marie Haugen is a wilderness wanderer, writer, scholar and guide to the intertwined mysteries of nature and psyche. Her work has appeared recently in Parabola Journal; Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth; and Thomas Berry: Dreamer of the Earth. She is exploring the awakening of what she calls “planetary imagination,” and the possible emergence of a new mode of the human that she has called Homo imaginans.

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The Secret of Everything


“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind,
because oneness is the secret of everything.”

Swami Vivekananda (Narendra Nath Datta)

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The Whole World Depends on You

Alan Watts

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We Are One

If I were to tell you that you are Ishwar — God — you would not believe it, because your ridiculous idea of God is some old man with a white beard, watching you from an armchair in heaven! You say to yourselves, “How can I, a lowly human, be God Himself?” You are afraid of the very idea that you are God! But it is a fact. It is your ignorance of that knowledge — the false impression of the mind that you are humans — which prevents you from experiencing that you are God…. Every one of you is God, but you just do not know it! (Meher Prabhu—Lord Meher, Volumes Three – Four, 1925-32; Vol. 3, 789)

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