You don’t know me, so here’s a little bit:

I am a Meher Baba lover (& in case you don’t know who that is, I’ve given you some videos below that should explain things a bit). Pete Townshend is also a Meher Baba lover. It’s not a cult or a weird thing, seriously. I also have many other ideas about deity, the universe, who and what we all are, why we’re here, and how we should and shouldn’t honor our Creator (or Creatress, as may be the case). I also love science, especially the study of biodiversity and the environment and ecology. That being said, I am also an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, legally capable of conducting the rites of marriage, etc. I am interested in an infinite number of ideas and things to study. So, in some ways, I consider this a sort of virtual space where learning takes place… namasté!

omniestI will be forever learning. If you’re smart, you will too. What that means for me is that I love God/dess who is infinitely beyond any of our pitiful brain’s capabilities of understanding.

And God has no religion, so it really doesn’t matter whether we have any of these religions, nor what religion we choose to follow or not follow. Religion just seems like this really heavy power structure that some people seem to need, but it’s not for everybody, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some of us don’t need that kind of heavy thing over our heads, telling us what to do. It doesn’t matter that your god inspired humans to write down things on a scroll. God inspires all kinds of creations that nobody claims as holy, but which are just as holy as scriptures. Who hasn’t heard a piece of music or seen a beautiful painting or even something in nature that seems truly god-inspired?

There are certain universal truths in nearly all religions, things that resonate as true, things that simply and inexplicably “make sense” to me. On the other hand, there are certain things about all religions that I absolutely abhor. I believe we are all equal, therefore, we don’t need hierarchies in religion or in life. Who is to say they know what is best for you or me when they are not you or me? Regardless of all of that, I am not here to argue religion with anybody. This blog is simply my way of exploring ideas, and what if, and I wonder.

From time to time, I will be adding links to the sidebar without notice on the blog. Those links take you to supplementary material or websites that can provide you with even more information. Feel free to mine through all of that, that’s what they’re there for. 🙂 Read and absorb and learn along with me.

Some people seem to like what I’m doing (judging by the 100% support I’ve seen so far). For that, I thank you very much. — Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come. — Admin



“I have no connection with politics. All religions are equal to me. And all castes and creeds are dear to me. But though I appreciate all ‘isms,’ religions and political parties for the many good things that they seek to achieve, I do not, and cannot, belong to any of these ‘isms,’ religions or political parties, for the absolute Truth, while equally including them, transcends all of them, and leaves no room for separative divisions, which are all equally false.

“The unity of all life is integral and indivisible. It remains unassailable and inviolable in spite of all conceivable ideological differences.

“I am equally approachable to one and all, big and small,
to saints who rise and sinners who fall,
through all the various paths that give the divine call.

I am approachable alike to saint, whom I adore,
and to sinner whom I am for,
and equally through Sufism, Vedantism, Christianity,
or Zoroastrianism and Buddhism, and other ‘isms’ of any kind,
and also directly through no medium of ‘isms’ at all.”

— Meher Baba, November? 1952, India, LA p697, also GM p199



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