We Are All Monks

30 Jul


Since my early youth I have seen myself as a monk, but one without a monastery or at least without walls other than those of the entire planet. And even these, it seemed to me, had to be transcended — probably by immanence — without a habit, or at least without vestments other than those worn by the human family. Yet even these vestments had to be discarded, because all cultural cloths are only partial revelations of what they conceal: the pure nakedness of total transparency only visible to the simple eye of the pure of heart. ~ Raimon Panikkar

From: We Are All Monks

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One response to “We Are All Monks

  1. passionfortruths

    July 30, 2015 at 21:10

    Absolutely…we’re all divine.. and there’s a purpose for d planet. 😉


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