Mastery in Servitude

17 Apr

There is really no place
for ‘I can’t’ in Love.

A thought like that goes against
the grain of light’s astounding ability.

Once I saw Caring’s beauty in action;
there was a splendor there
I needed to imbibe

But such a force,
it tears you from your moorings,

it brings you into an arena where a
gladiator you will need to become,
but one that may never get cheered.

Heroic deeds you will do in silence,
for that is Greatness’s preference – no fame.

But if the world should come to know you,
be a good host to the attention you get.

Use it as a tool to build
a shelter
for your mind and others in need.

-Hafiz –

We are all children of the same universe.

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